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The Faraway
Creator Program
Create and sell new heroes, weapons, buildings, maps, and more to be played with in Mini Royale and other Faraway partner experiences. Submit your creations today.GO TO CREATOR SUITE
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There's no better time or place to start your creator journey. Show off your design skills and create new heroes, weapons, maps, and buildings to be instantly used in Mini Royale: Nations and other Faraway partner games.Want to know something really cool though? All heroes that you create in our Creator Suite will be immediately interoperable in not just Faraway games but all Ready Player Me-enabled experiences as well. This means your heroes will be able to travel between the worlds of Mini Royale, Portals, Hiberworld, Spatial, and more instantly.
Why become
a Faraway creator?
Earn money doing what you love. Make content for the games and communities you already love.Get paid instantly with every sale. There is no monthly payout schedule or dollar threshold that you must hit to get paid. All creators get paid instantly and transparently when their assets sell or trade on a secondary marketplace.Reach millions of players. Make a name for yourself as a creator and reach millions of monthly players across Faraway first party and partner experiences.Get early access to the Faraway Developer Platform. Use the assets you make (and of course the profits from your sales) to build a game of your own using the Faraway Developer Platform. Receive early access and priority support from the Faraway team in your gamedev journey.GO TO CREATOR SUITE
getting startedComplete the following steps to apply to become an approved Faraway Creator
Step 1


Create an account with Faraway Connect by connecting to with your web3 wallet(s)

Step 2

Download Assets & Customize

Download the 3D models and texture files for your favorite Mini Royale heroes and customize them. Let your imagination run wild

Step 3

Submit your assets for review

Upload all assets (3d models, textures) for final approval by Faraway. Faraway’s moderation team will either accept them or provide further feedback for resubmission

manage your
creator storefront
Setup Your storefrontAfter your first creations are approved, you will be able to setup your personalized Storefront where you can manage the names, prices, marketing images and more for your creations.
Manage Payout DistributionsMaybe you worked with a friend or business partner on your creations? Add them as a party to be paid with every primary sale or secondary trade of the creations you submitted together.
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